This is the view that greeted me when I visited my local allotments. I wanted some ideas for growing vegetables at school and inspire me to get me started.

Harvest time is clearly here. Everywhere I looked were fruit and vegetables begging to be picked. The plot I walked around had carrots peeping out of the ground…


Leeks, lettuce, radishes, and a greenhouse filled with peppers, chillies and beans.

I was impressed, however, I knew that there would be no way of recreating such a splendid selection as this because of time, space, limited soil, not to mention the endless patience needed for attending these crops all year round.  BUT my young gardeners were excited by growing vegetables and a few had already started their own plots in their gardens at home. So on my September-to-do garden list I now have some action points:

1. select shallow rooted veg like lettuce, radishes, chard, beetroot, to plant in pallets

2. start bulb planting to attract spring pollinators – daffodils, tulips, iris, etc

3. set up deep tubs for carrots, leeks and chillies.

I would be interested to know which veg grows best in a school garden because they need to be harvested before the holidays.

Happy veg gardening everyone!


Thank you to BALGA community allotments for your time and infectious enthusiasm.