A really fun way to get children thinking about seed dispersal. Very few seeds actually survive in the ground during winter as only 1%  is said to make it to spring. This is where the seed bomb can help.

What is a seed bomb? Seeds are contained in organic matter, namely potting compost and clay, which provides a protective layer for the seed keeping it from drying or drowning in water. And it is easy to do while restoring the native balance of wildflowers to your area.

You will need good quality potting compost, clay, collected seeds (packets of native seed are fine). Mix the clay and compost into equal amounts, add a little water to make texture. Once you can roll it into a ball make a little indent with your thumb and drop the seeds in and close the ball firmly. These can be stored in a sealed bag in a fridge until you are ready to scatter them.

These tiny seeds can survive the winter storms, ice, snow and rain, inside their protective seed bombs.

For extensive information on germinating seeds, see William Cullina’s Growing and Propagating Wildflowers and Native Trees, Shrubs and Vines.