About Alix

This photo was taken by a child because I let them show me what the world looked like from their own point of view. I learnt that the world is experienced as an immediate sensory moment because ‘I’m thinking from my feet!’

This blog is here to encourage you to be inspired and informed about how nature can be worked into the curriculum. It will be filled with news, ideas, events, and resources to help you. You may want a way to communicate what you do outdoors as an individual, parent, or someone engaged professionally to care and teach children or adults. Your own experiences, including any examples of outdoor practice, are invited to be shared in the comments section, or you may wish to report in detail as a guest blogger.

This blog is specifically created to help educators bring nature into the curriculum, whatever the keystage. My goals are:

  • to bring nature-based learning into the curriculum
  • encourage educators to grow an edible garden
  • raise awareness of the possibilities of citizen science
  • promote the work of nature citizens

As an early years and primary teacher working in the UK, I have always sought to bring Forest School practice and nature based activities into the curriculum. Outdoor learning is not a one off activity for early years or a golden time slot, but as Ofsted’s (2008) report Learning outside the classroom: How far should you go? have stated:

  • When planned and implemented well, learning outside the classroom contributed significantly to raising standards & improving pupils’ personal, social and emotional development.
  • Learning outside the classroom was most successful when it was an integral element of long-term curriculum planning and closely linked to classroom activities.

Paying attention to children’s passion and concern for the environment has meant developing my Nature Citizens agenda in school. You can read more about this work here on my blog.

Please contact me with your ideas and suggestions, and feel free to share your news too.

Let’s rewild the curriculum together!