Guest blogger Caroline Sherwood explains why it is a good idea to help local trees that may be in need of your kind attention. This would be especially useful now as we all have a bit more time to look more closely at nature around us.

The cultivation of Joy and Beauty

I’m finding the cultivation/appreciation of joy and beauty to be of particular benefit at this time. I am so grateful to my 40+ years of meditation experience which, among many other things, taught me that positive qualities are like living energies which can be consciously developed within us, through breathing, focus and intention and then shared mentally with others.

So I thought you might like to see one little source of current joy: the Prunus Yedoensis (Flowering Cherry) in the local park. During the drought I came across a member of the tree management team and commented that the little tree appeared to be struggling. ‘It’s dying,’ he responded dourly. ‘Would watering help?’ I asked. ‘Even a bowl of washing up water would be useful,’ he replied.

So – for the next few weeks I dutifully trudged a daily watering can down to the little tree, watering deep around its roots via the tube that had been pointed out to me. I watched as the tree grew stronger and learned to sway with its nearby elders during the recent high winds.

And now – it is beautifully in its first flowering.

It occurred to me that it would be wonderful, when the current crisis has passed, if we could all keep an eye out for plants and trees in our locality which might appreciate our loving attention.