A Saturday night small group walk through the local common clutching a bat monitor was an unforgetable experience. As the sky darkened, we listened for the pips on the monitor which revealed the presence of bats flying overhead. Yes, we actually saw the common pipistrelle – a small bat about 35mm long with a wingspan of about 22mm. They flew in circles eating the insects, using pathways to guide them. Everyone was enthralled! Bats in our local area and we didn’t even know!

Thank you Tanya for being a patient and knowledgeable guide and for revealing wildlife on my doorstep. I will definately be telling others about this. It has certainly made me look more carefully and respectfully at my local area… wow!

As the insect population has declined by about 75% worldwide, which must impact upon the bat population, it is even more important to keep our local nature reserves going, and one small way we can do this is by supporting their work.

For more information about Bat Walks Tanya Dickson can be contacted via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CultureWood/