Following on from my post ‘The Real Halloween: plastic straws in school,’ I can update you that we had a successful outcome.

Our milk supplier considered our demand for an alternative to plastic straws and offered us recyclable litre cartons with beakers. This is a big improvement because it means that we will not be throwing away 14,600 plastic straws yearly, many of which will end up destrying marine life.

The Nature Citizens have organised a box collection for the used cartons and a washing-up rota for the beakers. I am very proud of their efforts because we are beginning to make a difference through our actions.

When thousands of children recently walked out of school in Australia in protest over government inaction on climate change, a minister rebuked them for setting themselves up as ‘failures’. How shocking it is to dismiss the efforts of the next generation, partiularly as the full effect of climate change will be more apparent in their life-times if no one makes a stand.

Fortunately this has not deterred the protestors. Taking action now needs to be regarded as of educational value, and learning how to do this peacefully and respectfully should be considered part of curriculum.

Children have shown that when they voice their opinions through informed knowledge, change can occur through practical action. Our KS2 Nature Citizens have shown us so.