The beauty of our minibeasts and wildflowers and what we can do to help.

The hard graft accomplished with a trusty fork and a sturdy hand. Over to the Nature Citizens – writing reasons for wildflowers on their seed packets. These packets will be distributed to all the classes, and in turn, each class will visit the meadow and scatter the seed.

I was careful to select native wildflower: red campion, common knapweed, Oxeye Daisy, Yarrow, Ladys Bedstraw, amongst many more… We want to encourage our bees and insects to find a food source and attract birds and other mammals. All this will take time and it will be interesting to watch its development.

The children will become aware that whilst grasses and some seed will grow within a few weeks, the perennial flowers can take up to two years to establish. We will have to trim the nurse grasses back in the autumn, strimming down any deadheads to let the seed fall and take cover for the winter.

Observing the wildflower life-cycle on site will be an invaluable and not to be taken for granted opportunity to learn from, and care for nature at first hand.