On the 10th of March, just before the pandemic arrived on our school doorstep, we had the amazing opportunity to Skype our reindeer herder friends and find out Brave Hart’s news.

We last saw Brave Hart in the summer months ambling along with his herd outside the farm gates. We had a winter photo to inform us that Brave Hart had now been seperated from his mum, however, we were not to worry because he was doing well with his kindergarten friends.

Well here he is!

He is ten months old and growing fast. He loves his food and has to be fed first as Brave Hart (true to his name) is a bit of a leader amongst the young herd. We learnt that he also loves having his photo taken…aw!!

The Nature Citizens asked questions and got to see the beautiful snowy landscape of Arctic Circle Finland. Thank you for all your generosity, knowledge, and sharing your love for your reindeer. We have learnt so much and look forward to finding out what happens next in Brave Hart’s life.