Hello all, It is day 3 and and here I am in Lapland with my mum. I have a name -Brave Hart – given to me by my adopted school in England. They think I am so adorable. Look at the stripes on my head and back! The children think this makes me look strong and brave. I can already run with my mum, and I even got to meet other reindeer which made me look so brave! But mum put a stop to this and shooed the others away.

Dear Brave Hart, we are amazed by you because you are so small and yet so strong. You let us see how you live in the wild. We think you are curious, intelligent and brave, because you are already keeping up with mum on those wobbly legs. Soon you will be in the wilderness and we will follow your life. We called you Brave Hart because we think you are ready to face the challenges of the Arctic life. Hart was choosen because it is the old English word for deer and part of the name of our school. We will learn so much about your life. We will see you again in June when you are tagged. Stay safe with the others!

Wilding the curriculum starts with an interest that grows because it is relevant. It is about taking a risk and acknowledging that every event will teach us what we need to know. Our challenge is in finding a way to respond to the learning opportunity. How will Brave Hart grow? What does he need in the natural world to do this well? And the most difficult question – what will happen when he is released in the wild? This is real life learning.