As I mentioned in another post ‘The Real Halloween: plastic straws in school’ (31st October), an initiative was going to start this term to help children think about and take action on the problem of single-use plastic straws in school.

The Nature Citizens Club meets twice a term to discuss issues that  concern our impact upon the natural world. Our aim is to make manageable changes that will benefit ourselves and the local environment. We have been concerned about the amount of single-use plastic straws thrown into the dustbin everyday. The Nature Citizens researched the facts which included:

  • in the UK we throw away 8.5 billion straws a year
  • 500 million straws end up in the sea each day
  • 5 seabirds in 7 have plastic in them
  • In 2050 there will be more weight of plastic than fish in the ocean

This can seem overwhelming, however, everyone agreed that we want to change our behaviour and begin to make a difference. We collated the facts and have written a polite letter to our milk supplier to request an alternative to the plastic straw. We await their response.

Introducing real life problems into the curriculum has made for lively discussion and given children an opportunity to be proactive about issues that directly affect themselves and their world.

We await a reply to our request.