Ron is a baby hedgehog that is being looked after by our local hedgehog hospital ‘Hettie’s Helpers’. He was well enough to make a guest appearance at our Nature Citizens meeting with his wonderful carer Mary. She explained all about hedgehogs and gave us these important facts:

  1. Leave an untidy area in your garden – a pile of leaves will keep them warm.
  2. A log pile will make a good home.
  3. Put stones or a plank in ponds to help hedgehogs climb out.
  4. Check before you mow or strim your grass.
  5. Check your bonfire for hibernating hedgehogs.
  6. Don’t use slug pellets because hedgehogs eat slugs and will be poisoned.
  7. Leave gaps under fences as hedgehogs travel along gardens to find food.
  8. They love cat or dog food and drink water NOT milk or fish.
  9. Hibernation happens during November to April – don’t disturb!

We were mesmerised by our guest hedgehog. A flyer containing the information above was created and sent home to all the parents. As a thank you we are organising a biscuit sale next week to raise funds for the hospital.

Now that the everyone understands the facts, we will continue to create hibernating spaces in our outdoor area.