What is the best way to engage young children in insect hotels? Many of us dot bought insect houses about our outdoor areas, but do we stop to consider their educational value or purpose? Do children actually remember they are there? When did you last take a peep and note any insects? This research paper delves into these issues and has some good points to make on the subject.

Main points

Instead of purchasing these insect hotels consider making them with your group. Use your local affordances to create structures suitable for insects. Children become more aware of insect habitats, conditions for life, and pay attention to the enviroment if they are involved in the creation and upkeep of any insect hotel. Creative ways to link their interests to the curriculum should be encouraged and is easy to do when they are personally involved.

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Ellen Almers , Per Askerlund , Tobias Samuelsson & Sue Waite (2020):
Children’s preferences for schoolyard features and understanding of ecosystem service innovations – a study in five Swedish preschools, Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning.