Do you ever question the emphasis upon sunny weather over fog, mist, rain and snow? Could this impact upon how we relate and respond to the natural world? Living in a weather-world means we must embrace all weather types, insists Arran Stibbe, if we are to help people engage with the environmental issues we face today.

As educators of young children we are habitually outdoors in all weathers and sing the maxim ‘it’s only inappropriate clothing not the weather’ that makes being outdoors tricky in pouring rain, frost or any other weather than sunshine and blue skies. Do you ever discuss the weather with your class, highlighting the positives for rain or sleet, etc? You may be missing an invaluable link to learning about how the natural world works.

Reading this paper really made me smile because I always praise the rain and remind small people that we would not have the grass and plants we love if rain was replaced by only the sun. Older chidren can begin to discuss drought, floods, and other phenomenon brought on by climate change. But all this must start with changing our behaviours and attiudes towards the weather-world we are part of.

A really interesting, accessible, and thoughtfully put paper:

 Living in the weather-world: reconnection as a path to sustainability 
 by Arran Stibbe, Reader in Ecological Linguistics, University of Gloucestershire.