If you grow plants at home, are lucky to tend a garden, recycle carefully, visit a park, community orchard or any green open space, apart from the well documented health benefits of these activities, you are already joining in with pro – environmental behaviours that help you take notice of the natural world and become interested in protecting it.

Then it will be of little surprise to you to be informed by researchers from the European Centre for the Environment & Human Health that time spent in any natural space can have apositive impact upon your environmental attitudes. This latest study is worth a read because the findings simply add fuel to the argument that we need to expose children at school to green spaces if they are to become the future stewards of the natural world.

Urban greening at school can mean – gardening club, potting plants on window sills, growing veg in boxes, creating patio areas for plants and insects to thrive, plant trees, picnic areas, quiet spaces, bird areas, and so on.

For more information and to read the research article in detail, click on link below:

Reconnecting with nature key for sustainability