The January gloom, rain, sleet and wind chill had got too much for my bubble class of eight year olds, so what better than create a little magic with foil rubbings. For a simple activity the result remains awesome!

First, we went for a nature walk and collected any natural item. All of it was soaking wet but we dried it on the radiator. A great opportunity for discussing leaf, berry, stick ID. January leaves are really ready to decompose which is perfect for our activity.

Then we placed the underside of the leaf face up and covered with kitchen foil. With gentle fingers we pressed the foil down until it revealed the leaf in relief. Some chose pinecones, moss and other more challenging shapes, resulting in a more sculpted look.

Finally, we drew the leaf from observing our foil rubbing. Some added colour and became experimental with the result.

Everyone was surprised by the beauty of a leaf and what a wonderful way to look closely at the intricacy of natural items discared by the wind and soaked by the rain, available freely on our playground.