Riverside Rascals invited me to visit their outdoor daycare setting which they neatly described as ‘one of a kind’. It is located in a nature reserve close to the Ivel Springs in Baldock.

The setting caters for about nine children up to three years old. When I arrived the children were just having an afternoon nap in a quiet room, a relaxing sea sound playing gently in the background. We chatted in the main playroom which was filled with nature imagery and toys.

Outdoors was a mud kitchen and sand area.


Further into the main garden were turkeys and chickens.


And a huge area is to be cleared this weekend to provide more adventure play opportunities.


Who would not want to play here? Natural materials abound, trees wait to be climbed and hugged. There is enough space to build and create adventure play in all weathers. The play is linked closely to the EYFS curriculum and has a new nature focus each day.

Absent was an interactive screen, tv or tablet. The practitioners told me they did not want their children to be absorbed by ICT. Instead a communication friendly nature space is created.

I am really looking forward to seeing how the new area develops. Thank you for a lovely discussion about your work. Riverside Rascals is truly a remarkable daycare setting.

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