Year 5 brought ALL of their skills together to build a den collectively. Time was running out because the Big Bad Wolf was about! Tarpaulin, rope, bamboo sticks and branches needed to be assembled to create a safe place for everyone in twenty minutes!

And this is what Y5 did:

Let’s put the branches into a tripod.

The sticks can make a fence round the outside of the den area. Leaves added for decoration.

Don’t forget the gate!

You can see the outline of the den here. Everyone joined in to make it happen. We did all manage to fit into the final structure and have a group photo taken. While they were working many talked about Saxon houses and their round shape, the fence and clearly marked areas. Others discussed the decorative elements, like the leaves on fence posts. Some came up with imaginative ideas like ‘let’s use a trip wire to scare the wolf!’

The success of the activity was that all the children worked within a time frame to achieve the challenge – to create a safe den from the wolf. It can be easy to forget that 9 and 10 year olds also benefit from story and role play to add depth and interest to accomplishing their design and technology group activity.