Year 5 got to grips with two essential rope knots: the clove hitch and the timber hitch. They watched the demonstration in disbelief that this could be achieved because many struggle to tie their own laces. Hearing that a knot should be able to be undone easily set the standard we were aiming for.

Working in small groups they practised tying the clove hitch – two loops and pull. When achieved they moved onto tying two sticks together with this knot. The challenge was to achieve a tripod.

As a reward for their hard efforts everyone got to try (and sit on) the timber hitch.


Whilst learning to achieve these two knots is important for self-esteem and confidence with trying the new, all had to work in small groups and share resources and advice. Many had to ask for help and understand that you don’t always achieve a result the first time. However, the excitment was real and we all got to sit on the seat created by teamworking a timber hitch knot.

Knots they realised have a useful purpose.