This term Y3 have been exploring the beliefs and practices to explain how symbolic actions communicate meaning. We looked at two major world faiths: Christianity and Islam.

We have been learning about the practices and ritual found in both faiths. Both religions have a recognisable symbol, and we drew this on the ground outside. Natural materials like sticks, leaves and cones, were used to emphasize aspects of faith.

Working in an open space provided opportunity to work at a larger scale than usual. Children found natural materials to embellish their work. They worked cooperatively in small groups and therefore had to share materials and ideas.


Here someone has created a small structure at the centre of the cross. ‘It is Jesus’s heart’, was the answer. Other comments included:

‘The blue is the sign of water and life’. ‘The leaves are flames.’  ‘The Eucharist cup and bread are Christian ritual’. ‘The fruit mean Harvest Festival’.

The crescent moon and star for Islam were equally beautifully worked.

A few comments were: ‘The moon is bright and the star shines.’ ‘The moon helps Muslims know when Ramadan is’. ‘It is all about light’.

We had a discussion about each groups work, and it was clear that this interactive and cooperative activity had reflected upon a term’s learning with their detailed responses.